WiFire Feature: Connect to your Favorite Networks even in Offline Mode


Every time you walk into a Starbucks or McDonald’s or even a Cafe Coffee Day, you are sure to see a couple of guys stomping away on their MacBook keypad or iPad at some corner of the cafe,  while chugging down mugs of hot coffee.

The number of people who hit the nearby cafe or coffeeshop to get some work done, while they sit back and sip a hot cup of inspirational mocha seems to be at an all time high these days.

Now if you are one of them, you would agree that one of the biggest pains about working out of such cafes is remembering their WiFi password. This could prove to be particularly painful, especially if you are someone who works with 2 or more devices, say an iPad and a mobile device for instance.

Well, once again WiFire comes to the rescue.

With WiFire you can now save all your WiFi networks to your profile and have them available on any device you log into. No need to type WiFi passwords into each device you own!

Already excited? Well, you haven’t heard of the best part yet. You can even favorite your most frequented WiFi networks, and connect to them even if your 3G data or location services is turned off.

Say you walk into one of the outlets you frequent the most, say, the nearby McDonald’s. Here’s all that you got to do to favourite that network:

1. Open the WiFire app after having connected to the WiFi network at McDonald’s.


2. Click on the heart button below ‘FreeWiFi _Ozone@McDonalds South’ in order to add this network to your favourites.

Click-on-heart-button-to-favourite-your nearby-WiFi-network

3. Next, click on the third tab at the very top end to view your WiFire profile.


4. In your WiFire profile, you will find the McDonald’s WiFi network – ‘FreeWiFi_Ozone@McDonald’sSouth’ added to your favourites.


5. Now, next time you open the WiFire app at the same McDonald’s outlet, it will detect and display the WiFi network as a Favourite of yours on the home screen of the app. The best part – all of this is done even if your 3G data or location services is turned off.


6. Once you click on the network, it will connect to it by automatically switching on your WiFi.


This way you can easily sync your favourite networks across the various devices you own with WiFire. Isn’t this awesome?

Once again WiFire saves the day.

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