WiFire Feature: Check WiFi speed in a Flash


Every once in a while when month end is around the corner, you are bound to get suspicious (rather frustrated with the telecom provider) about the real bad WiFi speed at home.

Such is life.

Now, in most such cases you would head right away to the browser on your mobile and google for speedtest.net. But if your WiFi speed is pretty bad, then good luck with loading that website, for it might seem like an eternity before you get the results for the speed test.

Well, once again WiFire comes to the rescue.

With WiFire you can now avoid all that googling and typing to get a speed test done. Not only that, you can even check out a nearby network’s rating to decide if you should try connecting to it in the first place.

Say you are trying to test the speed of a WiFi network named ‘SmokeHouse WiLoop Free’. Here’s all you have got to do:

1. Open the WiFire app and click on the ‘Speed Test’ button below the ‘SmokeHouse WiLoop Free’ network.


2. And in seconds you will get the speed test results. You could even rate this network based on the speed.


This way not only will you know if there is a public WiFi hotspot nearby, but also how fast it is and what fellow users think of that network. Isn’t that awesome?

Once again WiFire saves the day.

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