Top 10 Apps That Every Woman Should Have


Don’t miss these 10 apps that every woman should have, from health & fitness and online shopping to productivity and personal safety. Enjoy!



Nike Training Club – A personal fitness app meets social network, Nike Training Club is a phenomenal resource for women looking to stay fit in a fun, social way. Choose from over 100 workouts created by Nike’s Master Trainers, share updates with friends and stay on track to your fitness goals.

Category: Health & Fitness

Android | iOS

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Voonik – As the biggest ecommerce app devoted to women’s fashion, Voonik is a great place to find the best deals on the latest styles. The app aggregates merchandise from all top online stores and personalizes your news feed accordingly, making it easy to find the best new clothes and accessories that are just right for you.

Category: Shopping

Android | iOS






Blinkist –  If you don’t have time to read everything you’d like to, Blinkist is a life-saver.  Learn key insights from the best nonfiction books through summaries that are curated and written by actual people.

Category: Education

Android | iOS

Source: Blinkist






Circle of 6 – This innovative safety app lets you choose up to 6 trusted friends to add to your circle. Then, if you ever feel like you’re in an uncomfortable or risky situation, you can automatically send a pre-selected SMS alert with your location to your circle in just two taps.

Category: Lifestyle

Android | iOS

Source: Circle of 6





WiFire – For the woman who is always on-the-go, this WiFi finder app is a must-have. Discover public WiFi networks nearby and connect with a single tap, so you’ll never be without a connection!

Category: Travel & Local


Source: WiFire





Forest – This clever time-tracking app is incredibly simple and visually appealing. For every 30 minutes you spend working without checking your phone, you will see a seed grow into a tree in the app; if you use your phone in that time, though, the tree will dramatically wither and die. Easily track your history and learn to stay focused (and grow a forest full of trees) in your day-to-day life.

Category: Productivity

Android | iOS

Source: Forest





Pose – This digital fashion community allows you to keep up with the hottest trends by seeing what the top bloggers, brands and celebrities are wearing right now. Discover and shop for the latest styles and share your finds with friends!

Category: Social


Source: Pose





Evernote – For both your personal and professional life, Evernote is a great way to keep everything in sync. From to do lists and reminders to shared notes with others, this is an incredibly useful organization app for every woman who leads a busy life.

Category: Productivity

Android | iOS

Source: Evernote





2000 DIY ideas – Pick from one of seven categories—arts & crafts, food, gardening & outdoor, fashion, life hacks, home decor, health & beauty—and then explore the best do-it-yourself ideas in that category. Get notified about newly added images and be inspired to unleash your creativity!

Category: Lifestyle


Source: 2000 DIY Ideas





Pocket Yoga – Though it’s not free, this is a wonderful investment for any woman looking to get into the routine of doing yoga daily. Choose between sessions of varying duration and difficulty and learn more about each pose and its benefits from the comprehensive pose dictionary.

Category: Health & Fitness

Android | iOS

Source: Pocket Yoga




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