Top 7 Free Public WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore


Nicknamed as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bangalore is one city that embraces people from all walks of life – startup enthusiasts, college students looking to nail an internship, remote workers looking to find their own piece of heaven in this city and more. As a result, the city is home to some of the most unique cafes and friendly workspaces.

Below are 7 of our favorites spots or WiFi hotspots in Bangalore to step into for some casual browsing or to work out of (not listed in order of preference). While not all of them offer delicious coffee, you have our word that they provide reliable, free WiFi.

1) The Yogisthaan Cafe

Top 7 Free Public WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore - The Yogisthaan Cafe

Image Source: @a.n.u.p.m via Instagram

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun 8AM to 9.30PM


Nestled between narrow bylanes and tall trees this is a truly stunning cafe. The entire cafe is decked up in cottage white interiors with a mini library shelf right at the centre. Being quite a popular hangout among the crowds, the cafe tends to get crowded and loud over the weekends. However, it’s a nice place to sit back and get some work done during the early half of the day.

And while you are there, we’d recommend you give their tea a try. It comes with a hint of jaggery that can brighten your day in just a sip. Also, they have a very friendly labrador named ‘Doctor’ who loves being petted.

2) Om Made Cafe

Top 7 Free Public WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore - Om Made Cafe

Image Source: @alap via Instagram

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun, 12 noon to 11PM


This has got to be one of the most picturesque cafes of Bangalore! It comes with a rooftop seating that makes it a delightful place to be at during breezy evenings. Watching the city light up as the sun goes down while you sit back and gorge down their Bufala Flatbread makes it a beautiful spot to wrap up some work.  

The place can get really crowded over the weekends. However, during the weekdays you can easily find a place to sit down and enjoy that great view along with some soothing music. They provide speedy WiFi as well.

3) Church Street Social

Top 7 Free Public WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore - Church Street Social

Image Source: @hetvit via Instagram

Opening Hours:  Mon to Sun, 9AM to 1AM


Decked up in an industrial design, this iconic pub has lot of quirky elements to it – boxes made of rulers to hold sauces, tables made of wooden crates and toilet paper rolls that dispense paper napkins. While it is not the kind of place to grab a cup of coffee at, we highly recommend you give their signature cocktails a try.

There’s a downside to being so popular – it can get really packed over the weekends. So, if you are looking for a spot to sit down and take in those quirky elements around you while you wrap up some work, then you should probably pay a visit in the noon over the weekdays.

4) Cafe Nosh

Top 7 Free Public WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore - Cafe Nosh

Image Source: @cafenosh via Instagram

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun, 12 noon to 10.30PM


Situated in a quaint location close to the GKVK campus, this well lit cafe boasts of some great ambience and chic decor. If you are on the lookout for a nice, quiet place that offers enough peace to let you focus on your work while letting you munch on some scrumptious pasta and desserts, then this will definitely end up being your go-to place.

If you are someone who loves pasta then you will love their Chicken Alfredo pasta and Chicken Pesto pasta. On the other hand, if you are someone with a bit of a sweet tooth, then you must give their Tender Coconut Souffle a try.

5) Windmills Craftworks

Top 7 Free Public WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore - Windmills Craftworks

Image Source: @cassmills9011 via Instagram

Opening Hours: Tue to Sat, 12 noon to 1AM and Sun to Mon, 12 noon to 11.30PM


Right from the wooden flooring to the vast collection of books to the jazz music, the Windmills Craftworks gives you enough and more reasons to keep coming back for more. While this is not the place where you head to for a cup of coffee, they offer some of the best crafted beers in Bangalore. We highly recommend their Hefeweizen. You could also just try their beer sampler and decide on the drink of your choice.

Being one of the most popular microbreweries in Bangalore, this place is usually jam packed over the weekends. So, if you are looking to get some work done you should probably head out in the noon on a weekday. They also have an outdoor seating that makes for a beautiful spot to wrap up some work.

6) California Pizza Kitchen

Top 7 Free Public WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore - California Pizza Kitchen

Image Source: @arunim09banerjee via Instagram

Opening Hours: Mon to Thu , 12 noon to 11PM and Fri to Sun, 12 noon to 1 AM


If you are a die hard fan of lip-smacking pizzas, then California Pizza Kitchen is your heaven. The classy ambience and plush, comfortable seating, just adds on the warm feeling. They offer an unparalleled pizza experience along with some great starters and desserts. To top it all, they even offer a pretty stable and speedy WiFi, making it a great place to work, relax, and just hang out.

And the best part is that, you can just walk in and find a seat for yourself quite easily. And after you help yourself to their yummylicious pizza, we highly recommend you give their Tiramisu a try.

7) Infinitea

Top 7 Free Public WiFi Hotspots in Bangalore - Infinitea

Image Source: @krsnabhrgv via Instagram

Opening Hours: Mon to Sun 11AM to 11PM


“We are all mad here” said Alice, “Mad about tea” — reads the graffiti on the walls of the cafe. They are inspired from the tea party scenes from the classic book, Alice in Wonderland. Aptly so, as the place is all about tea! Located adjacent to a beautiful park on Double road, they have an indoor seating and a wonderful al fresco seating area. The ambiance is splendid and totally lives up to its name.

Right from green teas to Earl Grey, they have a gamut of options for tea. We highly recommend you give their snacks a try as well. Also, being a popular hangout, the cafe can get crowded over the weekends. So, if you are looking out for a space to work in peace, then you should probably head out at noon.

What are your favourite WiFi hotspots in Bangalore? Let me know in the comments below.

Stations Where Google’s Free RailWire WiFi is Available


Back in January, Google launched its first free WiFi network at Mumbai Central Station as part of an ambitious collaboration with the RailTel Corporation.

The two companies announced that they planned to eventually roll out free WiFi to 400 railway stations across India using the extensive RailWire broadband infrastructure, with a goal of hitting over 100 stations by the end of 2016.

Over the following months, free hotspots appeared in several other stations across the country as part of the project. Today, Google’s free RailWire WiFi is available at around 74 locations, as seen below:

Allahabad Junction

Bhopal Junction


Chennai Central

Ernakulam Junction South (Kochi)

Gorakhpur Junction


Jaipur Junction


Lucknow Junction

Patna Junction

Pune Junction

Raipur Junction


Sealdah Railway Station

Ujjain Junction

Vijayawada Junction


Mughalsarai Junction

Chandigarh Junction

Mumbai Central

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Kalyan Junction (Thane district)

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus

Dadar Central Railway station


Bandra Terminus

Khar Road

Dadar Western Railway Station


Ajmer Junction

Hajipur Junction

Kanpur Central


Kozhikode (Calicut)

Hazrat Nizamuddin


Jhansi Junction

Jodhpur Junction






Chennai Egmore

Madurai Junction





Tiruchirappalli Junction


Gaya Junction

Mathura Junction

Indore Junction


Thiruvananthapuram Central

Udaipur City Railway Station

Jabalpur Junction

Kharagpur Junction

Kota Junction

Secunderabad Junction

Nampally (Hyderabad Deccan)


Mangalore Central

Amritsar Junction


Coimbatore Junction


Arakkonam Junction

Lucknow Charbagh



Jalandhar City

Nagpur Junction

At all of these locations, travelers can access the free service by completing a multi-step verification process involving a One-Time-Password (OTP) and sign in form. If you have the WiFire app installed on your phone, though, you can save time connecting by letting WiFire automatically enter the OTP and fill out the sign in form for you.

Free WiFi at Mumbai Central

If you’re looking to stay connected while on-the-go, download WiFire to connect to these RailWire networks—and over 4500+ public WiFi networks across India—with a single tap. Enjoy the free connection on your next rail journey!  

7 Places in Bangalore where You Wouldn’t Expect Free WiFi

Feature Image - 7 places in Bangalore where you wouldnt expect free WiFi

As India’s growing IT hub, it’s no surprise that Bangalore offers a growing number of free public WiFi hotspots. From Kempegowda International Airport to various restaurants and coffeeshops around the city, both tourists and locals have plenty of opportunities to stay connected while in “The Silicon Valley of India.”

However, outside of the popular WiFi cafes and coworking spaces, there are also several free hotspots in surprising places. Check out our list of 7 places around Bangalore where you wouldn’t expect to find free WiFi, and enjoy these hidden gems next time you’re out and about in the city.

1. Fast food restaurants – Next time you’re at KFC or McDonald’s to get your fix of fast food, take advantage of their free WiFi as well! In fact, both franchises offer free public hotspots to customers at all of their locations across India. Not bad!

2. Cabs – Both Ola and Uber have begun offering free WiFi in several of their cabs across Bangalore as they compete to provide the best on-demand transportation experiences. Ola, for instance, allows users to connect without needing to log in after completing a one-time authentication on their phones during their first connection.

3. KSRTC bus station – The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) began offering free WiFi at 13 of its largest bus stations across the state, including the Bangalore station. The connection lasts for either one hour or 100 MB of usage, whichever comes first. An excellent way to pass time while waiting to catch a bus!

4. Brewpubs – In addition to serving up delicious craft beer, many of the city’s popular brewpubs like Toit and Arbor offer reliable, free WiFi to their patrons. With great ambiance, ample seating and fast WiFi, many of Bangalore’s brewpubs are surprisingly great places to work remotely during the day — especially if you’d like to reward yourself with an afternoon beer (or two).

5. Chinnaswamy Stadium – Cricket fans, you’re in luck! Chinnaswamy Stadium now offers free WiFi to fans throughout the entire stadium. You can look up stats, check email or Instagram from the match without burning through your mobile data!

6. Malls – Bangaloreans can enjoy complimentary WiFi as they shop at many of the city’s malls, from Orion Mall in Malleshwaram to Phoenix Market City in Whitefield. Shop til’ you drop and, if you can’t find something in-store, order it from FlipKart right then and there.

7. Ice cream parlors – Wind down after dinner with a decadent ice cream sundae… and some good ‘ol free WiFi. Several ice cream shops across Bangalore such as Berry’d Alive, Stoner and Cream Stone have begun offering the complimentary service to ice cream lovers as the cherry on top of their visit.

Download WiFire and connect to these public hotspots across Bangalore with a single tap—no need to fumble over one-time-passwords (OTPs) at Chinnaswamy or ask for the network password while ordering ice cream. Enjoy!

WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well. Sign up as a beta tester and experience an exclusive preview of WiFire on iOS.

Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Bangalore


If you’re founding a new startup or you’re a freelancer looking for a reliable place to work, there are several affordable options in coworking spaces around the city. Depending on your budget, location and the amenities you want, check out our list of the Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Bangalore.

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Top 5 Locations to Connect to Free WiFi in India


Ever been in a situation when you badly needed to check your mail, access Google maps, or browse something interesting online, but poor mobile data connectivity wouldn’t just let you do that? Well, we have all been through this experience at some point. But what if we always had a second option for internet connectivity? What if we didn’t have to rely on mobile data only to access the internet at all times? Better still, what if this option was for free?

If Google’s announcement of providing free and high-speed WiFi access to railway commuters at over 400 stations in India is any sign, then this dream isn’t far from reality! And while Google aims to provide broadband quality experience to users,  while also ensuring wide coverage and high capacity, many other companies are setting up WiFi zones to help people stay connected, by overcoming the limitations of mobile phone bandwidth.

A rapidly growing market like India, with a growing number of people with advanced smartphones and everyone wanting to stay connected is facilitating wide adoption of  public WiFi services and hotspots. It comes as no surprise then that the government plans to offer free WiFi in 2,500 cities and towns across the country.

Did you know that Malpe beach in Udupi, Karnataka is the first beach in India to offer free WiFi connectivity? Quite a few buses, bus stops, train and metro stations too provide the facility now. Unfortunately, not many know about these developments and therefore, are unable to avail these services. In this blog, we will look at 5 common locations where you can find free WiFi in India. Let’s get started:

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Why Doesn’t Free WiFi Just Work?

You know you’ve been there before. You see WiFi networks on your settings screen, but using one never seems to be as straightforward as it ought to, does it? So many questions. Which network should I use? What’s the password and where can I get it from? Why is there a web page to fill out? And what’s this thing called OTP?

We hear you, fellow Internet seeker. WiFi usability is broken and it needs fixing. Which is why we’ve created WiFire.

WiFire makes it possible to stay seamlessly connected to WiFi networks wherever you go. No need to type in passwords or fumble around trying to find a good network on your settings screen!

WiFire pops up helpful notifications whenever it can connect you to a free WiFi hotspot. It even logs you in by filling out those cumbersome web forms and plugging in One-Time Passwords (OTPs) automatically!

5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 15.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 2

Who is WiFire for?

• Frequent flyers! Get connected to free airport WiFi in all major cities in India as soon as you walk in.
• College Students! Get access to free WiFi at bars, lounges, restaurants, cafes, and anywhere else you hang out with your friends.
• Families! Securely unlock WiFi access for your family members’ devices without having to reveal or type in passwords.
• NRIs! Visiting India this winter? Get connected to WiFi everywhere and spare yourself the trouble of getting yourself a data plan as you hop from one city to another.


WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well. Sign up as a beta tester and experience an exclusive preview of WiFire on iOS.