Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Bangalore


If you’re founding a new startup or you’re a freelancer looking for a reliable place to work, there are several affordable options in coworking spaces around the city. Depending on your budget, location and the amenities you want, check out our list of the Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Bangalore.

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Top 10 Cafes in Mumbai with Free WiFi


As a cosmopolitan metro with plenty of freelancers and creative professionals, Mumbai has no shortage of free WiFi. Though WiFire allows you to connect to several hotspots around the city, finding a place that has tasty food, nice ambience and a reliable connection is sometimes tougher than you might think.

So, next time you’re looking for a place to connect while in the entertainment capital of India, check out these 10 great spots:

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Top 10 Cafes in Bangalore with Free WiFi


Whether you are looking to work remotely or meet up with a friend, finding cool cafes in Bangalore with free WiFi can be tough. Using WiFire you’ll be able to connect at all Starbucks locations around the city, but there are also many hidden gems worth checking out.

From upscale bistros to student-friendly hangouts, here is our list of the top 10 cafes in Bangalore with free WiFi:

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