WiFire Feature: Check WiFi speed in a Flash


Every once in a while when month end is around the corner, you are bound to get suspicious (rather frustrated with the telecom provider) about the real bad WiFi speed at home.

Such is life.

Now, in most such cases you would head right away to the browser on your mobile and google for speedtest.net. But if your WiFi speed is pretty bad, then good luck with loading that website, for it might seem like an eternity before you get the results for the speed test.

Well, once again WiFire comes to the rescue.

With WiFire you can now avoid all that googling and typing to get a speed test done. Not only that, you can even check out a nearby network’s rating to decide if you should try connecting to it in the first place.

Say you are trying to test the speed of a WiFi network named ‘SmokeHouse WiLoop Free’. Here’s all you have got to do:

1. Open the WiFire app and click on the ‘Speed Test’ button below the ‘SmokeHouse WiLoop Free’ network.


2. And in seconds you will get the speed test results. You could even rate this network based on the speed.


This way not only will you know if there is a public WiFi hotspot nearby, but also how fast it is and what fellow users think of that network. Isn’t that awesome?

Once again WiFire saves the day.

WiFire Feature: Connect to your Favorite Networks even in Offline Mode


Every time you walk into a Starbucks or McDonald’s or even a Cafe Coffee Day, you are sure to see a couple of guys stomping away on their MacBook keypad or iPad at some corner of the cafe,  while chugging down mugs of hot coffee.

The number of people who hit the nearby cafe or coffeeshop to get some work done, while they sit back and sip a hot cup of inspirational mocha seems to be at an all time high these days.

Now if you are one of them, you would agree that one of the biggest pains about working out of such cafes is remembering their WiFi password. This could prove to be particularly painful, especially if you are someone who works with 2 or more devices, say an iPad and a mobile device for instance.

Well, once again WiFire comes to the rescue.

With WiFire you can now save all your WiFi networks to your profile and have them available on any device you log into. No need to type WiFi passwords into each device you own!

Already excited? Well, you haven’t heard of the best part yet. You can even favorite your most frequented WiFi networks, and connect to them even if your 3G data or location services is turned off.

Say you walk into one of the outlets you frequent the most, say, the nearby McDonald’s. Here’s all that you got to do to favourite that network:

1. Open the WiFire app after having connected to the WiFi network at McDonald’s.


2. Click on the heart button below ‘FreeWiFi _Ozone@McDonalds South’ in order to add this network to your favourites.

Click-on-heart-button-to-favourite-your nearby-WiFi-network

3. Next, click on the third tab at the very top end to view your WiFire profile.


4. In your WiFire profile, you will find the McDonald’s WiFi network – ‘FreeWiFi_Ozone@McDonald’sSouth’ added to your favourites.


5. Now, next time you open the WiFire app at the same McDonald’s outlet, it will detect and display the WiFi network as a Favourite of yours on the home screen of the app. The best part – all of this is done even if your 3G data or location services is turned off.


6. Once you click on the network, it will connect to it by automatically switching on your WiFi.


This way you can easily sync your favourite networks across the various devices you own with WiFire. Isn’t this awesome?

Once again WiFire saves the day.

WiFire Feature: Keep Calm and Save on Your 3G Data Bills


Ever had that strong feeling that the apps on your mobile are leaving a huge hole in your pocket? You know, the kind of bad feeling that you get when, even the apps that you aren’t actively using are eating their way into your 3G or 4G mobile data.

Of course, one of the most commonly preached solutions to this problem is to restrict background mobile data. But then this will restrict all your mobile apps from accessing your mobile data.

Haven’t you wished for an easier way out of this? One which allowed you to choose the apps that should be blocked or restricted?

Well, your wait ends here.

With WiFire’s DataWall feature, you can selectively block the apps that have access to your mobile data and save up on data bills. Here’s all that you got to do:

1. Open the WiFire app and click on the second tab on the upper left end to open the DataWall feature.


2. The first step to saving your mobile data involves knowing how you have been using your data. Upon clicking on the second tab on the home screen (i.e opening the DataWall feature), you will see a meter depicting your data usage since you last booted your phone. This meter is broken down by mobile data and Wi-Fi usage.


3. Below that, you will see a DataWall window. Toggle on the switch that appears below the text ‘Enable DataWall’.

If you are enabling DataWall for the first time, you will be asked to first allow WiFire to set up a VPN connection on your mobile device. This is necessary as only then can WiFire regulate your mobile Internet traffic, based on your app preferences that your are about to provide.

Go ahead and click on ‘OK’ in the window that appears.


4. Next, you will be taken to a list of apps that are currently using mobile data.


5. You can individually select/deselect the apps you wish to block from using data by clicking on them.


6. You can even select/deselect all of them at once by clicking on the hamburger menu icon at the top right corner. Once you are done click on the tick mark at bottom right corner.


Now, next time you switch on your mobile data, all these apps will be blocked from accessing your data. Easy peasy! Saving on 3G data bills is a piece of cake with WiFire

One important thing to note here is that, DataWall will be inactive while you’re on WiFi. Therefore all apps of your mobile device will be provided access to the Internet then.

Once again WiFire saves the day.

WiFire Feature: Share your WiFi, not your Password



A popular saying has it that “A real friend is one whose WiFi connects automatically when she walks into your home”. But given how much your WiFi means to you, this wouldn’t be the case with everyone who drops by your home.

For example, that next door aunty who randomly walks into your home whenever she has some hot gossip to munch on. Or your naughty cousin who is forever trying to watch Youtube videos (for school homework of course) while he is at your place. Or your kaamwali bai who is always on the phone making an important conversation while she does the dishes and mops the floor.

Now, while these aren’t the kind of people you would openly like to share your WiFi with, there are many a instances when you cannot run away from doing so.

I’m sure, such instances got you secretly wishing for another way of sharing access to your WiFi – one that doesn’t involve spelling out the WiFi password loudly.

Well, your wait ends here.

With WiFire, you can now share your WiFi with anyone who drops by your home by texting her the link. Say you are trying to share your WiFi network named Bhai-Fi (because that’s how you roll) with someone. Here’s all that you got to do:

(1) Open the WiFire app and click on the share button next to the ‘Bhai-Fi’ network.

Click-on -the-share-button-next-to-the-‘Bhai-Fi’-network

(2) You will now be taken to a list of WiFi networks around you.


(3) Click on the ‘Bhai-Fi’ network and type in the password (Note: this is for your eyes only).


(4) Once you have typed in your password you will receive this message.


(5) Now go back and click on the ‘share’ button below the ‘Bhai-Fi’ network.

Click-on -the-share-button-next-to-the-‘Bhai-Fi’-network

(6) Choose the channel you wish to use to share the text link with your friend. Say you choose WhatsApp in this case.


(7) Your friend will now receive a message similar to this.


(8) Now all she has got to do is tap on the link. Once she taps she will receive a message similar to this.


(9) Clicking on ‘Awesome’ in the above screenshot, will take her to the WiFire app where she will find herself connected to ‘Bhai-Fi’ network.

She-will-find-her-mobile -device-connected-to-‘Bhai-Fi’-network

Now next time she comes over to your place, WiFire will connect automatically to your WiFi. Easy peasy!

Wait, are you like wondering what’s the catch in this feature? Well, that’s the best part, there is no catch.

Your WiFi network remains private and is shared on a 1-on-1 basis with only those people who have received your link. It is not made available to the general public.

Once again WiFire saves the day.

Introducing DataWall and the WiFire widget


Here at WiFire, we’re striving to enable seamless Internet connectivity for users wherever they go. We believe that, with the growing popularity of mobile phones and public WiFi hotspots, connecting to the Internet while on-the-go should be quick, easy and affordable.

We aim to make reliable public WiFi as accessible as possible, but we realize that our users still often access the Internet via 3G/4G in their day-to-day lives. Many people burn through their data packs without knowing it, allowing mobile apps that aren’t even in use to make requests to use the Internet.

The culprits are common—news aggregators, social networking apps, among others—and the solution is simple, but the issue is largely going unaddressed for most users.

Today we are excited to announce our new widget and in-app feature called DataWall, which both allow users to have more control over their mobile data usage and make their data pack last longer. The widget is available for all Android devices, and DataWall is available on Android version 5.0 and above.

Let’s dive into how these two features work within the new-and-improved WiFire design:

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Introducing WiFire 2.0


We’re excited to announce version 2.0 of WiFire, which features a new and improved design that makes it even easier to connect to free WiFi around you. 

Upon opening the app, you will now see everything you need in one simple dashboard. The number of shared WiFi networks nearby (within a 3 km radius) is listed on top of a map preview, which you can tap to see an interactive map of shared WiFi hotspots in your neighbourhood.

Below that, you can see the current WiFi network you are connected to, if any. If this is a public network that is not yet in our database, you can share its password with the WiFire community and earn a WiFi Saviour badge for your help! If it is a private network, you can now save it as your home or work network, and it will not be shared with anyone.

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