WiFire Featured in the Economic Times Panache


WiFire recently got featured in the Economic Times Panache as “an app that is a boon for anyone constantly searching for wi-fi hotspots”. The article starts off by taking note of the issues faced by users in general with respect to mobile data.

“For a lot of users, running into the monthly data limit is quite common. Then there are the travellers who might end up paying even more for data, thanks to roaming costs” notes the article. It then goes on to talk about how WiFire helps users deal with this by addressing the root cause behind this – lack of access to free public WiFi hotspots around them.

The blog recommends both the iOS and Android app and talks about how simple it is to connect to free WiFi in India, using the app – users can simply scroll around on the map to find more WiFi hotspots around them. The blog also talks about how “each hotspot is marked with a flag, showing you a distance from your current location and name”.


The article then tops it up with one of experiences that has never failed to put a smile of the face of our users – the auto login feature that connects users to hotspots operated by RailWire, Tata Docomo, Ozone, BSNL and Reliance Jio in one tap.

WiFire currently helps users discover and connect to 6000+ free public WiFi hotspots across India – including airports, all railway stations that offer RailTel’s Railwire WiFi, Starbucks, Mc Donald’s and loads of cafes and restaurants.

What are you waiting for? Download the app now. Trust us, you will love it!