WiFire Feature: Check WiFi speed in a Flash


Every once in a while when month end is around the corner, you are bound to get suspicious (rather frustrated with the telecom provider) about the real bad WiFi speed at home.

Such is life.

Now, in most such cases you would head right away to the browser on your mobile and google for speedtest.net. But if your WiFi speed is pretty bad, then good luck with loading that website, for it might seem like an eternity before you get the results for the speed test.

Well, once again WiFire comes to the rescue.

With WiFire you can now avoid all that googling and typing to get a speed test done. Not only that, you can even check out a nearby network’s rating to decide if you should try connecting to it in the first place.

Say you are trying to test the speed of a WiFi network named ‘SmokeHouse WiLoop Free’. Here’s all you have got to do:

1. Open the WiFire app and click on the ‘Speed Test’ button below the ‘SmokeHouse WiLoop Free’ network.


2. And in seconds you will get the speed test results. You could even rate this network based on the speed.


This way not only will you know if there is a public WiFi hotspot nearby, but also how fast it is and what fellow users think of that network. Isn’t that awesome?

Once again WiFire saves the day.

WiFire Feature: Connect to your Favorite Networks even in Offline Mode


Every time you walk into a Starbucks or McDonald’s or even a Cafe Coffee Day, you are sure to see a couple of guys stomping away on their MacBook keypad or iPad at some corner of the cafe,  while chugging down mugs of hot coffee.

The number of people who hit the nearby cafe or coffeeshop to get some work done, while they sit back and sip a hot cup of inspirational mocha seems to be at an all time high these days.

Now if you are one of them, you would agree that one of the biggest pains about working out of such cafes is remembering their WiFi password. This could prove to be particularly painful, especially if you are someone who works with 2 or more devices, say an iPad and a mobile device for instance.

Well, once again WiFire comes to the rescue.

With WiFire you can now save all your WiFi networks to your profile and have them available on any device you log into. No need to type WiFi passwords into each device you own!

Already excited? Well, you haven’t heard of the best part yet. You can even favorite your most frequented WiFi networks, and connect to them even if your 3G data or location services is turned off.

Say you walk into one of the outlets you frequent the most, say, the nearby McDonald’s. Here’s all that you got to do to favourite that network:

1. Open the WiFire app after having connected to the WiFi network at McDonald’s.


2. Click on the heart button below ‘FreeWiFi _Ozone@McDonalds South’ in order to add this network to your favourites.

Click-on-heart-button-to-favourite-your nearby-WiFi-network

3. Next, click on the third tab at the very top end to view your WiFire profile.


4. In your WiFire profile, you will find the McDonald’s WiFi network – ‘FreeWiFi_Ozone@McDonald’sSouth’ added to your favourites.


5. Now, next time you open the WiFire app at the same McDonald’s outlet, it will detect and display the WiFi network as a Favourite of yours on the home screen of the app. The best part – all of this is done even if your 3G data or location services is turned off.


6. Once you click on the network, it will connect to it by automatically switching on your WiFi.


This way you can easily sync your favourite networks across the various devices you own with WiFire. Isn’t this awesome?

Once again WiFire saves the day.

WiFire Feature: Keep Calm and Save on Your 3G Data Bills


Ever had that strong feeling that the apps on your mobile are leaving a huge hole in your pocket? You know, the kind of bad feeling that you get when, even the apps that you aren’t actively using are eating their way into your 3G or 4G mobile data.

Of course, one of the most commonly preached solutions to this problem is to restrict background mobile data. But then this will restrict all your mobile apps from accessing your mobile data.

Haven’t you wished for an easier way out of this? One which allowed you to choose the apps that should be blocked or restricted?

Well, your wait ends here.

With WiFire’s DataWall feature, you can selectively block the apps that have access to your mobile data and save up on data bills. Here’s all that you got to do:

1. Open the WiFire app and click on the second tab on the upper left end to open the DataWall feature.


2. The first step to saving your mobile data involves knowing how you have been using your data. Upon clicking on the second tab on the home screen (i.e opening the DataWall feature), you will see a meter depicting your data usage since you last booted your phone. This meter is broken down by mobile data and Wi-Fi usage.


3. Below that, you will see a DataWall window. Toggle on the switch that appears below the text ‘Enable DataWall’.

If you are enabling DataWall for the first time, you will be asked to first allow WiFire to set up a VPN connection on your mobile device. This is necessary as only then can WiFire regulate your mobile Internet traffic, based on your app preferences that your are about to provide.

Go ahead and click on ‘OK’ in the window that appears.


4. Next, you will be taken to a list of apps that are currently using mobile data.


5. You can individually select/deselect the apps you wish to block from using data by clicking on them.


6. You can even select/deselect all of them at once by clicking on the hamburger menu icon at the top right corner. Once you are done click on the tick mark at bottom right corner.


Now, next time you switch on your mobile data, all these apps will be blocked from accessing your data. Easy peasy! Saving on 3G data bills is a piece of cake with WiFire

One important thing to note here is that, DataWall will be inactive while you’re on WiFi. Therefore all apps of your mobile device will be provided access to the Internet then.

Once again WiFire saves the day.

WiFire Feature: Share your WiFi, not your Password



A popular saying has it that “A real friend is one whose WiFi connects automatically when she walks into your home”. But given how much your WiFi means to you, this wouldn’t be the case with everyone who drops by your home.

For example, that next door aunty who randomly walks into your home whenever she has some hot gossip to munch on. Or your naughty cousin who is forever trying to watch Youtube videos (for school homework of course) while he is at your place. Or your kaamwali bai who is always on the phone making an important conversation while she does the dishes and mops the floor.

Now, while these aren’t the kind of people you would openly like to share your WiFi with, there are many a instances when you cannot run away from doing so.

I’m sure, such instances got you secretly wishing for another way of sharing access to your WiFi – one that doesn’t involve spelling out the WiFi password loudly.

Well, your wait ends here.

With WiFire, you can now share your WiFi with anyone who drops by your home by texting her the link. Say you are trying to share your WiFi network named Bhai-Fi (because that’s how you roll) with someone. Here’s all that you got to do:

(1) Open the WiFire app and click on the share button next to the ‘Bhai-Fi’ network.

Click-on -the-share-button-next-to-the-‘Bhai-Fi’-network

(2) You will now be taken to a list of WiFi networks around you.


(3) Click on the ‘Bhai-Fi’ network and type in the password (Note: this is for your eyes only).


(4) Once you have typed in your password you will receive this message.


(5) Now go back and click on the ‘share’ button below the ‘Bhai-Fi’ network.

Click-on -the-share-button-next-to-the-‘Bhai-Fi’-network

(6) Choose the channel you wish to use to share the text link with your friend. Say you choose WhatsApp in this case.


(7) Your friend will now receive a message similar to this.


(8) Now all she has got to do is tap on the link. Once she taps she will receive a message similar to this.


(9) Clicking on ‘Awesome’ in the above screenshot, will take her to the WiFire app where she will find herself connected to ‘Bhai-Fi’ network.

She-will-find-her-mobile -device-connected-to-‘Bhai-Fi’-network

Now next time she comes over to your place, WiFire will connect automatically to your WiFi. Easy peasy!

Wait, are you like wondering what’s the catch in this feature? Well, that’s the best part, there is no catch.

Your WiFi network remains private and is shared on a 1-on-1 basis with only those people who have received your link. It is not made available to the general public.

Once again WiFire saves the day.

Introducing Secure WiFi Sharing, Network Syncing and more

Introducing Wifire 3.14

In our endeavour to make WiFi as reliable and ubiquitous as bottled water, we are excited to announce WiFire 3.14 (we have nicknamed it WiFire ‘π’). This new version is power packed with great new features, that will make your experience of using the app all the more fun!

So what are these features, and why should you care? Without much ado, let’s dive into what’s new:

1.Share WiFi privately: With this new version of WiFire you can share your WiFi with friends and family without sharing passwords! How many times has an old aunt visiting you asked for your WiFi password? Didn’t the very thought of wording out your password send a shudder down your spine? You know what I mean 😉

Well, we have you sorted now. With WiFire you can simply text a link to anyone you want to share your network with, and that’s it. Your WiFi network remains private and is shared 1-on-1 with only those friends and family who have received your link. It is not made available to the general public.

Share network securely

2.Sync ‘favorite’ networks: You can now favorite your most frequented networks, and connect to these networks even if your 3G data or location services is turned off. Use WiFire to save all your WiFi networks to your profile and have them available on any device you log into. No need to type WiFi passwords into each device you own!

Sync favorite networks

3.Check WiFi speed and rate your favorite networks: Now you can check the Internet connection speed at any WiFi hotspot, and rate that network. Not only will you know if there is a public WiFi hotspot nearby, but also how fast it is and what fellow users think of that network. Isn’t that awesome?

Check speed and rate networks

With this update, we make it possible to connect not only to over 3,500 public WiFire hotspots, but also to your friend’s WiFi with a single tap.

WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well.

5 Videos That Seasoned Travelers Want You To Watch


The Internet is full of travel blogs, helpful forums and videos with tips and tricks. If you want to learn how to make your next trip as cheap, fun and smooth as possible without spending a lot of time on research, check out our picks for the top 5 videos to watch to make your travel a whole lot easier.

1) Travel Hacks – The Low Down

Watch this great collection of hacks on anything from packing to staying entertained to remembering your hotel room while on the road.

2) How to Find the Cheapest Flight in the Shortest Time 

Often times, booking flights is the most expensive and time-consuming part of your travel planning. Take a look at this quick video for some useful best practices!

3) 8 Solo Travel Tips : Staying Safe When Traveling

This one has a lot of great trips for traveling alone, especially if you are a woman and concerned about safety.

4) The 20 Best Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

This handy video breaks down the best apps for planning a trip, booking flights, finding lodging and more. Highly recommended for the high-tech traveler!

5) Quick & Easy Phone Hacks: Travel Edition

Learn an incredibly useful phone hack to use while traveling outside of WiFi or good cell reception.

WiFire on Android is currently helping scores of travelers hook on to free WiFi wherever they go. Here is how you can get WiFi anywhere on your iPhone, in case you are an iOS user.

Are there any other informative travel videos that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below.


Top 10 Cafes in Chennai with Free WiFi


As one of India’s largest metros, Chennai has always had a huge variety of cultural activities and culinary options to take advantage of. Recently, however, the city has also developed a growing cafe scene, full of great spots for people to meet up, socialize and get some work done using free WiFi.

Next time you’re in this coastal South Indian metro, check out these top 10 cafes with free WiFi:

1) Spoonbill (Alwarpet)

Its menu features cuisines from all over the world, from Indian dishes to German bratwursts to burritos and more. This variety of options, coupled with its laid back ambiance and ample seating, make Spoonbill a great spot to grab a bite and work for a bit.

Address: 239/107, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

2) Chamiers Cafe (RA Puram)

This British-inspired cafe has comfortable, chic indoor seating that also spills into an outdoor courtyard. It has a top-notch all-day breakfast, tasty coffee and plenty of healthy sandwiches and pasta dishes that are sure to satisfy.

Address: 106, Chamiers Road, Opposite Adyar Park Gate, RA Puram, Chennai


Source: tripadvisor.in

3) The Brew Room (Mylapore)

Located in the upscale Savera Hotel, The Brew Room is known for its relaxing all-white decor and delectable desserts. It also has plenty of pleasant outdoor seating to take advantage of when Chennai’s weather shapes up in the cooler months of the year.

Address: The Savera Hotel, 146, RK Salai,Mylapore, Chennai

4) Zha Cafe (Porur)

With comfortable seating, quirky decor, and plenty of tasty finger foods, Zha Cafe is a perfect hangout spot in Southwest Chennai. Make sure to try their smoothies and “ice crushes” to cool off on a scorching summer day!

Address: 11A, Shakthi Nagar, Mount Poonamallee Road, Porur, Chennai

5) The Port Cafe (Kodambakkam)

This aptly named resto cafe features nautical-themed decorations and lots of foliage in its outdoor patio area. Its menu has plenty of burgers, wraps, salads and more to tide you over as you while away an evening taking in the ambiance (and the fast, free WiFi!).

Address: 72, Arcot Road, Opposite koncept Hospital, Kodambakkam, Chennai

6) That Madras Place (Adyar)

Though named after the South Indian city, That Madras Place makes you feel like you’re in a European cafe from the moment you enter. Its sleek, wooden furniture and bright, open room help to clear your head as you enjoy some of its tasty main dishes and desserts.

Address: 34/29, 2nd Main Road, Kasturibai Nagar, Adyar, Chennai



7) Craveyard Cafe (Adyar)

This quirky hangout space is located in a converted old home in Chennai’s Adyar neighborhood. It has a nice rooftop seating area and a cozy interior, depending on what you prefer.

Address: 18, 2nd Canal Cross Street, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai

8) Blur Cafe (Royapettah)

Because it’s in the same complex as the Sathyam Cinemas, Blur Cafe is a great pit stop before or after watching a movie with friends. Its interior is simple and its menu is straightforward, making it an overall reliable cafe experience for those in the area.

Address: 8, 5th Floor, Sathyam Cinemas Complex, Thiruvika Road,Royapettah, Chennai

9) Double Roti (Teynampet)

Quickly becoming a popular student hangout, Double Roti serves up quick American dishes in a trendy cafe environment. Their menu offers burgers, french fries, garlic bread and, for the health-conscious, even some fresh salads!

Address: 4/27, Cenotaph, 1st Street,Teynampet, Chennai


Source: wallpaper.com

10) Ciclo Cafe (Kotturpuram)

This upscale bicycle-themed cafe is a must-see if you are in South Chennai looking for great food & coffee at reasonable prices. Though everything on the menu is tasty, we highly recommend that you try the pizza verdure and salted caramel cheesecake!

Address: 47, Gandhi Mandapam Road,Kotturpuram, Chennai

Download WiFire to connect to these networks and several other public WiFi hotspots with a single tap—no need to enter passwords or fill out web forms. Happy WiFi surfing!

WiFire is coming soon to Singapore! Now connect to free WiFi with a single tap


Imagine effortlessly connecting to reliable, free WiFi wherever you are, be it MRT stations or cafes or even your favourite mall. Wouldn’t that be so awesome? With the Wifire app, you can also save on phone data charges while you seamlessly connect to all public WiFi hotspots with just a single tap on the app.

WiFire has been hugely successful in transforming mobile WiFi experiences across India and we are now excited to extend our app to Singapore!

Here’s a quick look on how WiFire works

Some of the cool features of WiFire in Singapore are:

  • Seamlessly connect  to reliable public WiFi  

Connecting to WiFi on the move is now just a click away. WiFire has close to 1000 free public WiFi hotspots across Singapore and this number is rapidly growing. So, with WiFire you can now connect to all public WiFi hotspots like Wireless@SG, Starbucks and McDonald’s among many other locations. So, just get WiFire and stay connected wherever you are.


  • Auto-fill web forms and OTPs

WiFire provides the most seamless WiFi experience without the need to fill out lengthy web forms or enter OTPs. Just sign up on the WiFire app once and watch the magic unfold!


  • Discover and navigate to the closest WiFi location near you

Caught in the middle of the expressway with urgent emails to send out? WiFire not only helps you discover the nearest WiFi hotspot, it also helps you navigate to the place. Now, don’t you think that’s really cool?


  • Earn rewards and points by adding and sharing new networks on WiFire

The driving belief of WiFire is ‘for the community, by the community’. So, even you can add WiFi networks to WiFire and earn Wi-points.

Like we said earlier, we are super thrilled to extend WiFire’s footprint and we will be in Singapore real soon! Sign up here if you want to be among the first one’s to get the app. So, what you waiting for? Go get some WiFire 🙂

7 Best Kept Travel Secrets of Frequents Flyers

7-Best-Kept-Travel-Secrets of-Frequents-Flyers-of-Frequents Flyers

Travel has become an exciting part in most of our lives today, be it for business or for leisure. A bit of pre-planning, be it getting the best hotel deals or cashing in on extra travel miles or connecting to free WiFi anywhere, can go a long way in making traveling smooth, fun and memorable.

So what are the travel hacks frequent flyers swear by? Read this post to find out the best kept travel secrets from how to get the cheapest tickets to how to get free WiFi anywhere you go!

1. Clear your computer of cookies

The first rule that all frequent travelers follow is to clear their computers of any cookies before making bookings. Most travel booking sites use cookies to track visitor patterns on a site. A cookie is essentially a set of information about a site which includes user name, date and time of site visit. The travel websites then use the information to increase the prices if you have been running the same searches over a period of time. Hence, ensure that you clear your computer of cookies before making travel bookings.

2. Take the first flight of the day

Seasoned travelers will always tell you that taking the first flight of the day to any travel destination is the best way to ensure that travel plans stay on schedule. More often than not, early morning/morning flights are mostly on schedule and even if there are any delays, it gives you sufficient time to book another flight the same day.

3. Select seats on your flight

To ensure maximum comfort especially on long haul flights, it is best to select your flight seats in advance. Choose the aisle seat for good mobility or the emergency exit seat in case you prefer extra legroom. Many budget carriers however charge you for seat allocation. In case you are on a backpacking trip and do not wish to spend extra, a trick which works many times is to go to the airport ahead of schedule and request the airline staff to give you a seat of your choice.

4. Be ready for security checks

To ensure that you have a smooth experience at the airport, it is important to be ready for security checks. Ensure that any liquid products and your laptop are easily reachable along with your ID card details and boarding pass.

5. Connect to free WiFi

Many leading airports offer free WiFi so that travelers can catch up on news, social media or even make phone calls. Such airport WiFi hotspots often collect email addresses and OTPs from the user. Savvy travelers today however simplify this manual process by using free WiFi apps like WiFire.  Here is an interesting post on how to get free WiFi anywhere you go from airports  to cafes to restaurants among others in a single tap, without the need to enter OTPs or fill lengthy web forms. Here is an interesting list of restaurants with WiFi that is also available on WiFire.

6. Invest in loyalty programs

When investing in loyalty programs always look at programs that have partnerships or agreements with a wide range of airlines or hotels. Starwood hotel group and the Star Alliance are good examples of such programs. Loyalty plans from such groups easily allow you to accumulate points across a wide range of associated travel brands. In addition, such programs allow travelers to exchange points across different benefits. For example, in case you are running short of 500 points for your free hotel stay, you can use the extra points from your airline program in order to make up for the shortfall.

7. Choose the right hotel

It is essential for travelers to choose a hotel based on their budget and other travel requirements. Even if you are a budget traveler, it is essential to ensure certain key aspects like hotel cleanliness and safety. A good tip to saving money if you are a budget traveler is to avoid all extra services at the hotel, such as laundry and room service. Stepping out to dine will not only save you some money, but it will also help you explore the local culture better. In fact, there are many restaurants with WiFi today and this might be a good opportunity to access free WiFi while you travel.

Have you discovered any other travel hack? Do let us know about it by writing in the comments section below.

WiFire on Android is currently helping scores of travelers hook on to free WiFi wherever they go. Here is how you can get WiFi anywhere on your iPhone, in case you are an iOS user.

5 Things That Every Business Traveler Can Relate To

Feature Image_5 Things every business traveler can relate to

Business travel: one of the most glamorized yet misunderstood aspects of a young professional’s life. Those who don’t do it, want to, and those who do, just want to get a quality night’s sleep again.

If you travel a lot for work and think you’re alone in your struggles, check out these 5 things that we think every business traveler can relate to.

1. Inevitable flight problems & delays

We’ve all been there. You get to the gate an hour early only to find that your flight has been delayed for another six hours due to maintenance, weather or some other random reason. Business travelers have become pros at rolling with the punches and killing time in the airport (or perhaps they’re just good at finding and posting up at the nearest airport bars…).

Pro tip: Invest in a travel pillow so that you can catch some shut-eye while waiting for your delayed flight. Better yet, see if the airport has any flight lounges or other places for business travelers to lay down.

2. Staying active becomes that much harder

Exercising is a great way to blow off stress from a long workday, but often times hotel workout facilities are cramped and underwhelming. An early morning jog in a nearby park or a fun weekend excursion would theoretically be great, if you have time between preparing for meetings and calling family members back home.

Pro tip: If your office is close to your hotel and the weather permits, try walking to work! The fresh air will clear your head and kickstart your day with endorphins.

3. New cities don’t always mean new adventures

Like all travel, business travel can be exhilarating as you explore new places around the world. In reality, though, this often translates into taking refuge in the comfort of a familiar hotel lobby because the unfamiliar surroundings of a new city coupled with general travel exhaustion can get overwhelming.

Pro tip: If you’re in a new city for the weekend, use your meals as opportunities for mini-adventures. Rather than ordering room service at your hotel, try to find new cafes and restaurants in different neighborhoods around the city.

4. Fast, reliable WiFi is gold

When you’re on the road, reliable WiFi becomes a necessity. Checking important work email, navigating a new city and reviewing reservations on-the-go all require quality Internet access, and sometimes cellular data just doesn’t cut it.

Pro tip: Use WiFire on your next trip so you no longer have to ask your waiter or barista that dreaded question: “Uh… What’s the WiFi password?”

5. Expense tracking is deceptively tricky

Don’t worry: that steak dinner and $30 Uber can be “expensed” to the company! If you actually remember to save the receipts and file a reimbursement report, that is… Keeping track of every little thing you spend, from food to transportation to random travel expenses, can be difficult if you’re not disciplined, so lots of expenses tend to fall through the cracks.

Pro tip: Splitting bills can also be a struggle while dining out. Try apps like Splitwise to make this quick and easy, even for the most complicated of bills.

WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well. Sign up as a beta tester and experience an exclusive preview of WiFire on iOS.