Introducing the WiFi Saviour Contest


To celebrate the launch of WiFire, we’re excited to announce the WiFi Saviour Contest.

Become a WiFi Saviour by adding 3 free verified networks in your city, and win a WiFire ‘My city’ goodie bag for your awesomeness. Each goodie bag comes with a coffee mug, a t-shirt, magnets and more!

To win a WiFire ‘My city’ goodie bag:

  • Tweet this blog post using the social share to the left
  • Download the WiFire app and add 3 free verified WiFi locations in your city (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai or Hyderabad)
  • The first 25 WiFi Saviours in each city will win a ‘My city’ goodie bag

Be the saviour that your city deserves. Help others to stay connected in your city with WiFire!

*WiFire team will check each WiFi location added to ensure data accuracy.

WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well. Sign up as a beta tester and experience an exclusive preview of WiFire on iOS.

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