WiFire is coming soon to Singapore! Now connect to free WiFi with a single tap


Imagine effortlessly connecting to reliable, free WiFi wherever you are, be it MRT stations or cafes or even your favourite mall. Wouldn’t that be so awesome? With the Wifire app, you can also save on phone data charges while you seamlessly connect to all public WiFi hotspots with just a single tap on the app.

WiFire has been hugely successful in transforming mobile WiFi experiences across India and we are now excited to extend our app to Singapore!

Here’s a quick look on how WiFire works

Some of the cool features of WiFire in Singapore are:

  • Seamlessly connect  to reliable public WiFi  

Connecting to WiFi on the move is now just a click away. WiFire has close to 1000 free public WiFi hotspots across Singapore and this number is rapidly growing. So, with WiFire you can now connect to all public WiFi hotspots like Wireless@SG, Starbucks and McDonald’s among many other locations. So, just get WiFire and stay connected wherever you are.


  • Auto-fill web forms and OTPs

WiFire provides the most seamless WiFi experience without the need to fill out lengthy web forms or enter OTPs. Just sign up on the WiFire app once and watch the magic unfold!


  • Discover and navigate to the closest WiFi location near you

Caught in the middle of the expressway with urgent emails to send out? WiFire not only helps you discover the nearest WiFi hotspot, it also helps you navigate to the place. Now, don’t you think that’s really cool?


  • Earn rewards and points by adding and sharing new networks on WiFire

The driving belief of WiFire is ‘for the community, by the community’. So, even you can add WiFi networks to WiFire and earn Wi-points.

Like we said earlier, we are super thrilled to extend WiFire’s footprint and we will be in Singapore real soon! Sign up here if you want to be among the first one’s to get the app. So, what you waiting for? Go get some WiFire 🙂

5 Things That Every Business Traveler Can Relate To

Feature Image_5 Things every business traveler can relate to

Business travel: one of the most glamorized yet misunderstood aspects of a young professional’s life. Those who don’t do it, want to, and those who do, just want to get a quality night’s sleep again.

If you travel a lot for work and think you’re alone in your struggles, check out these 5 things that we think every business traveler can relate to.

1. Inevitable flight problems & delays

We’ve all been there. You get to the gate an hour early only to find that your flight has been delayed for another six hours due to maintenance, weather or some other random reason. Business travelers have become pros at rolling with the punches and killing time in the airport (or perhaps they’re just good at finding and posting up at the nearest airport bars…).

Pro tip: Invest in a travel pillow so that you can catch some shut-eye while waiting for your delayed flight. Better yet, see if the airport has any flight lounges or other places for business travelers to lay down.

2. Staying active becomes that much harder

Exercising is a great way to blow off stress from a long workday, but often times hotel workout facilities are cramped and underwhelming. An early morning jog in a nearby park or a fun weekend excursion would theoretically be great, if you have time between preparing for meetings and calling family members back home.

Pro tip: If your office is close to your hotel and the weather permits, try walking to work! The fresh air will clear your head and kickstart your day with endorphins.

3. New cities don’t always mean new adventures

Like all travel, business travel can be exhilarating as you explore new places around the world. In reality, though, this often translates into taking refuge in the comfort of a familiar hotel lobby because the unfamiliar surroundings of a new city coupled with general travel exhaustion can get overwhelming.

Pro tip: If you’re in a new city for the weekend, use your meals as opportunities for mini-adventures. Rather than ordering room service at your hotel, try to find new cafes and restaurants in different neighborhoods around the city.

4. Fast, reliable WiFi is gold

When you’re on the road, reliable WiFi becomes a necessity. Checking important work email, navigating a new city and reviewing reservations on-the-go all require quality Internet access, and sometimes cellular data just doesn’t cut it.

Pro tip: Use WiFire on your next trip so you no longer have to ask your waiter or barista that dreaded question: “Uh… What’s the WiFi password?”

5. Expense tracking is deceptively tricky

Don’t worry: that steak dinner and $30 Uber can be “expensed” to the company! If you actually remember to save the receipts and file a reimbursement report, that is… Keeping track of every little thing you spend, from food to transportation to random travel expenses, can be difficult if you’re not disciplined, so lots of expenses tend to fall through the cracks.

Pro tip: Splitting bills can also be a struggle while dining out. Try apps like Splitwise to make this quick and easy, even for the most complicated of bills.

WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well. Sign up as a beta tester and experience an exclusive preview of WiFire on iOS.

WiFire is coming soon on iOS. Sign up as a Beta tester and earn Wi-points!


The constant need to be connected wherever we go was the brainwave that led to the creation of WiFire, an app that seamlessly connects you to public WiFi everywhere – cafes, restaurants, airports, railway stations, bus stands and well, practically anywhere!

Looking at the great response our Android app has received, we are really excited to announce the launch of WiFire on iOS.

WiFire on iOS is the only app in India to be integrated with the latest iOS 9 Network Extension APIs that provides a seamless one touch experience to connect to public WiFi hotspots.

Some of the cool features of WiFire on iOS are:

  • Easily & quickly connect to 3000+ reliable public hotspots

Connecting to WiFi networks has never been so easy. WiFire provides you a 1 step access to over 3000 free public WiFi hotspots across India and this number is rapidly growing. So be it work or leisure, WiFire is surely your WiFi savior.


  • Automatically filling out web forms and entering OTPs

While there are several WiFi hotspots in the city, entering page long web forms and OTPs really gets us irritated! Which is why we built in a little elf inside WiFire to do the boring work for you 🙂 No more manual work needed to connect to WiFi hotspots.


  • Use WiFire’s maps to discover and navigate to the closest WiFi location near you

Caught in the middle of the road with urgent emails to send out? WiFire will not only help you to discover the nearest WiFi hotspot, it will also help you navigate to the place. Now, don’t you think that’s really cool?


  • Earn rewards and points by adding and sharing new networks on WiFire

Our motto at WiFire is ‘for the community, by the community’. You can add WiFi networks to WiFire and not only earn karma points but also snazzy prizes!


As we gear to ship out WiFire on iOS, we crave to hear your thoughts on the app. Please sign up to be a Beta Tester to help us give you an awesome app that you would always love to use. We will also credit you with Wi-points for every network you add to WiFire.


Top 10 Cafes in Hyderabad with Free WiFi

Top-10-Cafes in-Hyderabad-with-Free-WiFi

Hyderabad is known for its up-and-coming tech scene and spicy Andhra food, but the South Indian metro is also developing a great cafe culture for visitors and locals alike.

So, the next time you’re in town, check out these top 10 cafes in Hyderabad with free WiFi:

1) Beyond Coffee (Jubilee Hills):

Located in the posh suburban neighborhood of Jubilee Hills, Beyond Coffee is a simple, reliable coffeeshop to start your day. Its menu features a great selection of snacks, teas, smoothies, coffees and more—truly living up to its name!

Address: Plot 237, Road 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

2) Mocha (Banjara Hills):

This popular sheesha lounge is tucked away on a quiet street in Banjara Hills, making it a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of Hyderabad. With spacious rooftop seating and an elegant, oaky ambiance, Mocha is a great place to kick back with friends, indulge in a filling meal and enjoy fast, free WiFi.

Top-10-Cafes in-Hyderabad-with-Free-WiFi_Mocha

Source: zomato.com

Address: Plot 8-2-574/B, Road 7, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

3) Heart Cup Coffee (Kondapur)

With locations in Kondapur & Jubilee Hills, Heart Cup Coffee is well-known for its open, social set-up and extensive menu. We recommend stopping by for their great Sunday brunch that gives you bottomless food and drink!

Address: B 7 & 8, Jubilee Garden, Behind TCS Building, E Park, Kondapur, Hyderabad

4) Deli 9 Bistro (Gachibowli)

Though well-known for their desserts, Deli 9 Bistro has a menu full of everything from paos to baos to burgers, and more! If you’re ever in the IT-heavy suburb of Gachibowli, this is a great place to stop by for some quick bites and drinks with friends.

Top-10-Cafes in-Hyderabad-with-Free-WiFi_bistro 9

Source: zomato.com

Address: Wipro SEZ Parking Route, Beside Barbeque Nation, Financial District, Nanakram Guda,Gachibowli, Hyderabad

5) Coffee Cup (Sainikpuri)

Whether you’re looking to work or socialize, Coffee Cup is known for being one of the best cafes in and around Hyderabad. It has one of the best breakfast menus in town which can be enjoyed in their large, open patio.

Address: E 89, Above Canara Bank,Sainikpuri, Secunderabad

6) Whiteboard Cafe (HiTech City)

This place feels like a part co-working space, part-cafe and Whiteboard Cafe really does bring the best of both worlds. They have a delicious all-day breakfast and plenty of tables to work at, so stop by if you’re looking to get in zone and spend an afternoon getting work done.

Address: Plot 15/1, 1st Floor, Sector 2, Opposite Cyber Gateway, Hitech City, Hyderabad

7) The Gallery Cafe (Banjara Hills)

The chic spot in the heart of Banjara Hills is a quaint, one-room cafe with paintings on the wall and soothing music playing overhead. Art lovers, this is your must-see coffee shop in Hyderabad!

Top-10-Cafes in-Hyderabad-with-Free-WiFi_gallery

Source: zomato.com

Address: 8-2-585/1/B, Road 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

8) Chocolate Room (Madhapur)

Nothing goes better with a cup of coffee than a rich, chocolate-heavy dessert. The Chocolate Room, as its name suggests, is a great place to indulge your sweet tooth, with a seemingly endless menu of cakes, pastries, ice creams and other desserts.

Address: KKR Square, Kavuri Hills, Opposite HDFC Bank, Madhapur, Hyderabad

9) Conçu (Jubilee Hills)

Conçu is one of the most highly-rated cafes in all of Hyderabad, and for good reason! The ambiance is wonderful, the service is top-notch and the European-inspired menu is out of this world.

Address: 479/B, Road 21, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

10) Drunken Monkey (Madhapur)

This smoothie bar makes all of its drinks with pure natural fruits & vegetables, making it a must-try  next time you’re in Madhapur. They also have lots of quick bites and tofu bowls to round up their tasty, healthy menu.

Address: Opposite HDFC Bank, Madhapur Main Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad

Download WiFire to connect to these networks and several other public WiFi hotspots with a single tap—no need to enter passwords or fill out web forms. Happy WiFi surfing!

WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well. Sign up as a beta tester and experience an exclusive preview of WiFire on iOS.

Image credits: livemint.com

Why Doesn’t Free WiFi Just Work?

You know you’ve been there before. You see WiFi networks on your settings screen, but using one never seems to be as straightforward as it ought to, does it? So many questions. Which network should I use? What’s the password and where can I get it from? Why is there a web page to fill out? And what’s this thing called OTP?

We hear you, fellow Internet seeker. WiFi usability is broken and it needs fixing. Which is why we’ve created WiFire.

WiFire makes it possible to stay seamlessly connected to WiFi networks wherever you go. No need to type in passwords or fumble around trying to find a good network on your settings screen!

WiFire pops up helpful notifications whenever it can connect you to a free WiFi hotspot. It even logs you in by filling out those cumbersome web forms and plugging in One-Time Passwords (OTPs) automatically!

5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 15.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 2

Who is WiFire for?

• Frequent flyers! Get connected to free airport WiFi in all major cities in India as soon as you walk in.
• College Students! Get access to free WiFi at bars, lounges, restaurants, cafes, and anywhere else you hang out with your friends.
• Families! Securely unlock WiFi access for your family members’ devices without having to reveal or type in passwords.
• NRIs! Visiting India this winter? Get connected to WiFi everywhere and spare yourself the trouble of getting yourself a data plan as you hop from one city to another.


WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well. Sign up as a beta tester and experience an exclusive preview of WiFire on iOS.