Everything You Need to Know About IRCTC Tatkal Tickets


It goes without saying that booking a tatkal train ticket can be quite a taxing task. Particularly because of the insane number of people who wait with bated breath to login to the IRCTC website and book their tickets as soon as the clock strikes 10 in the morning. Now the internet is filled with blogs that talk about tips and tricks on how to beat the crowd and get your hands on those precious tatkal tickets. However, there are not many blogs that talk in detail about the things you need to keep in mind, right from the booking timings to cancellation charges to premium tatkal.

In this blog we will discuss in detail about everything you need to know about tatkal tickets:

1) Booking Timings:

Ticket booking under the Tatkal scheme opens to public looking to book tickets for AC classes at 10 am on the day before the journey while tickets for non-AC classes opens to public for booking at 11 am on the day before the journey. You can either book the tickets online or from the station where the train begins its journey at. One of the primary must-haves in order to succeed at tatkal ticket booking is fast internet.

With Google’s high speed Railwire WiFi now available at over 72 railway stations across India, you can easily book your tickets online at the stations too. And to make things more easy, you don’t have to spend time chasing down OTPs and filling out web forms to connect to Railwire WiFi. Just connect to it in one tap at all 72 railway stations in India with the WiFire app (available on both Android and iOS).

2) Ticket charges:

Tatkal ticket charges vary based on the class of your travel and the distance that you will end up covering as a result.

Class of TravelMinimum tatkal charges (in Rs)

Maximum tatkal charges (in Rs)
Second Class10/- 15/-
AC III Tier300/-400/-
AC II Tier400/-500/-

3) No ID proof required for Tatkal ticket bookings:

As of September 2015, passengers are not required to mention or furnish a photocopy of the proof of identity, while booking a Tatkal ticket or enter the ID details while booking tickets online.

However, one of the passengers (in case of a group of passengers who booked tatkal tickets together) is required to produce any one of the following proofs of identity in the original during the journey, to avoid being penalised. They are:

(a) Voter’s Photo Identity Card

(b) Passport

(c) PAN Card

(d) Driving Licence

(e) Aadhar Card

(f) Photo Identity Card with a serial number issued by the Central or State Government

(g) Student identity card with photograph issued by a recognised School or College

(h) Passbook of Nationalised Banks with a photograph

(i) Credit cards issued by banks with a laminated photograph

(j) Photo identity cards having serial number issued by Public Sector Undertakings of the State/Central Government, District Administrations, Municipal bodies and Panchayat Administrations.

4) Ticket cancellation charges:

The cancellation charges for tatkal tickets depend on the status of your ticket (i.e whether it is confirmed or not). As per the regulations of the Indian railways, users cannot avail refund on cancellation of confirmed tatkal tickets. However, tatkal tickets on the waiting list can be refunded on cancellation.

For example, if you cancel your waitlisted tatkal tickets before the final chart preparation (i.e 30 mins before the scheduled train departure time), then remaining amount after the deduction of clerkage charge (Rs.60 per passenger) will be refunded.

Also, if your train is running late by more than three hours at the station where your journey is supposed to begin, then you can cancel your confirmed tatkal tickets, if you no longer wish to undertake the journey. No cancellation charges or clerkage fee will be charged in such cases and the full amount will be refunded to the passenger. In case of e-tickets, the TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) should be filed online before the actual departure of the train for availing full refund. In case of i-tickets, the ticket should be surrendered before the actual departure of the train.

5) Premium Tatkal Quota:

Premium Tatkal tickets are charged based on a dynamic pricing which means that ticket prices tend to increase with demand. Such tickets can only be booked online.

In addition to that, neither waiting list tickets nor RAC tickets are issued under the Premium Tatkal quota. You can only book confirmed tickets. The ticket cancellation Other rules for this quota are similar to that of tatkal quota – i.e no refunds can be availed on the  cancellation of premium tatkal tickets.

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5 Videos That Seasoned Travelers Want You To Watch


The Internet is full of travel blogs, helpful forums and videos with tips and tricks. If you want to learn how to make your next trip as cheap, fun and smooth as possible without spending a lot of time on research, check out our picks for the top 5 videos to watch to make your travel a whole lot easier.

1) Travel Hacks – The Low Down

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2) How to Find the Cheapest Flight in the Shortest Time 

Often times, booking flights is the most expensive and time-consuming part of your travel planning. Take a look at this quick video for some useful best practices!

3) 8 Solo Travel Tips : Staying Safe When Traveling

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4) The 20 Best Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

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5) Quick & Easy Phone Hacks: Travel Edition

Learn an incredibly useful phone hack to use while traveling outside of WiFi or good cell reception.

WiFire on Android is currently helping scores of travelers hook on to free WiFi wherever they go. Here is how you can get WiFi anywhere on your iPhone, in case you are an iOS user.

Are there any other informative travel videos that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below.


7 Best Kept Travel Secrets of Frequents Flyers

7-Best-Kept-Travel-Secrets of-Frequents-Flyers-of-Frequents Flyers

Travel has become an exciting part in most of our lives today, be it for business or for leisure. A bit of pre-planning, be it getting the best hotel deals or cashing in on extra travel miles or connecting to free WiFi anywhere, can go a long way in making traveling smooth, fun and memorable.

So what are the travel hacks frequent flyers swear by? Read this post to find out the best kept travel secrets from how to get the cheapest tickets to how to get free WiFi anywhere you go!

1. Clear your computer of cookies

The first rule that all frequent travelers follow is to clear their computers of any cookies before making bookings. Most travel booking sites use cookies to track visitor patterns on a site. A cookie is essentially a set of information about a site which includes user name, date and time of site visit. The travel websites then use the information to increase the prices if you have been running the same searches over a period of time. Hence, ensure that you clear your computer of cookies before making travel bookings.

2. Take the first flight of the day

Seasoned travelers will always tell you that taking the first flight of the day to any travel destination is the best way to ensure that travel plans stay on schedule. More often than not, early morning/morning flights are mostly on schedule and even if there are any delays, it gives you sufficient time to book another flight the same day.

3. Select seats on your flight

To ensure maximum comfort especially on long haul flights, it is best to select your flight seats in advance. Choose the aisle seat for good mobility or the emergency exit seat in case you prefer extra legroom. Many budget carriers however charge you for seat allocation. In case you are on a backpacking trip and do not wish to spend extra, a trick which works many times is to go to the airport ahead of schedule and request the airline staff to give you a seat of your choice.

4. Be ready for security checks

To ensure that you have a smooth experience at the airport, it is important to be ready for security checks. Ensure that any liquid products and your laptop are easily reachable along with your ID card details and boarding pass.

5. Connect to free WiFi

Many leading airports offer free WiFi so that travelers can catch up on news, social media or even make phone calls. Such airport WiFi hotspots often collect email addresses and OTPs from the user. Savvy travelers today however simplify this manual process by using free WiFi apps like WiFire.  Here is an interesting post on how to get free WiFi anywhere you go from airports  to cafes to restaurants among others in a single tap, without the need to enter OTPs or fill lengthy web forms. Here is an interesting list of restaurants with WiFi that is also available on WiFire.

6. Invest in loyalty programs

When investing in loyalty programs always look at programs that have partnerships or agreements with a wide range of airlines or hotels. Starwood hotel group and the Star Alliance are good examples of such programs. Loyalty plans from such groups easily allow you to accumulate points across a wide range of associated travel brands. In addition, such programs allow travelers to exchange points across different benefits. For example, in case you are running short of 500 points for your free hotel stay, you can use the extra points from your airline program in order to make up for the shortfall.

7. Choose the right hotel

It is essential for travelers to choose a hotel based on their budget and other travel requirements. Even if you are a budget traveler, it is essential to ensure certain key aspects like hotel cleanliness and safety. A good tip to saving money if you are a budget traveler is to avoid all extra services at the hotel, such as laundry and room service. Stepping out to dine will not only save you some money, but it will also help you explore the local culture better. In fact, there are many restaurants with WiFi today and this might be a good opportunity to access free WiFi while you travel.

Have you discovered any other travel hack? Do let us know about it by writing in the comments section below.

WiFire on Android is currently helping scores of travelers hook on to free WiFi wherever they go. Here is how you can get WiFi anywhere on your iPhone, in case you are an iOS user.

5 Ways to Save on Mobile Data Charges While Traveling


It’s hard to imagine traveling these days without using our smartphones. Navigating a new city, looking up places to eat, Instagramming trip highlights; our mobile devices are opening up a world of possibilities that make travel cheaper, easier and more fun—all from the palm of our hands.

Yet, sometimes this reliance on our phones while on the road turns into an unexpected travel cost itself, if we’re not careful. We’ve all come back from a holiday to an absurd 3G bill because we weren’t disciplined or even aware of the cellular data we were using.

Cutting back on mobile data usage is surprisingly easy, though, if you know a few key tricks. Next time you’re traveling, try these 5 tips to save on data charges and enjoy the savings to come!

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