Haptik partners with WiFire to help users find fast, free WiFi near them

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I am sure you have heard of Haptik – the personal assistant app that does almost everything for you – from booking cabs, to setting up reminders, to paying bills, and checking you into your flight.

Amongst the numerous questions, their users ask them, finding the nearest free WiFi hotspot happens to be quite common. This isn’t surprising because users are often on the lookout for public WiFi hotspots to make their mobile data packs last longer.

We are excited to partner with Haptik to help their users find and connect to free, secure WiFi hotspots around them in seconds, through a simple chat interface. WiFire’s automatically curated free WiFi database is now available to users on Haptik through a single tap!

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With several initiatives from Google to Facebook, from the state governments to municipal bodies rolling out WiFi, consumers have come to expect seamless discovery of WiFi whenever they’re out in public places – be it a mall, railway station, or an airport. The WiFire database powered by the WiFire API has over 8,000 hotspots listed so far in India, and continues to grow rapidly.

We look forward to helping Haptik users find the best free WiFi hotspots in their city and always staying connected.

WiFire featured in the 10 Best Apps of 2016 on iOS


We are excited to announce that WiFire just got featured in the ‘10 Best Apps of the Year’ on the App Store! WiFire was  launched with the goal of making secure public WiFi accessible for everyone in India. And being featured as one of the 10 best apps makes us believe that we are a step closer to our goal. This success would not have been possible without our loyal supporters, and we are grateful to each one of you for your love and faith in us.


The iOS app comes loaded with features such as:

  1. Secure WiFi sharing – Share your WiFi, without sharing your password. Now comes with an option to set an ‘expiry time’ for WiFi sharing.
  2. Check WiFi speed and ratings of favorite networks
  3. Save WiFi passwords to your profile and sync across devices

We are trying our best to continue this trend of being featured and listed in the best apps categories. Keep sharing the love like you always have and we will continue delivering.

Download the app now, if you haven’t done so already!

Announcing FindWiFi.co: Discover 6000+ free public WiFi Hotspots wherever you go


The Internet is an integral part of our existence now, be it connecting with our family over Skype calls, snapchatting from our favourite pub, or posting pictures on Instagram when on a holiday. With this growing need to be connected at all times and with limited mobile data availability, the need for access to public WiFi is only getting stronger.

Looking at how crucial a role WiFi plays in our daily lives, we are excited to announce FindWiFi.co, an online directory that allows you to discover 6000+ free public WiFi hotspots wherever you live or travel, thus making your mobile data last longer. You can simply type in your location to discover public WiFi hotspots such as cafes, restaurants and malls near you, check the speed of the WiFi offered, filter your search by categories or distance, as well as navigate to the selected location.


Not only that, we make connecting to these public WiFi hotspots a lot easier with the WiFire app. For example, WiFire allows you to connect to secure, free public WiFi in one tap by removing the need for filling up webforms and chasing down OTPs.

FindWiFi helps you discover public WiFi at:

– Airports: Easily connect to free WiFi provided at 30+ airports such as Kempegowda International Airport (Bengaluru), Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai), Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad) and more – you name it and we have it!

– Railway & bus stations: We ensure that you stay connected on-the-go at places such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai Central Local Station, Delhi Junction railway station, Pune Railway Station, Lucknow Junction Railway Station. WiFire also connects you to free public WiFi at Metro/MRT stations and bus stations such as Kempegowda Bus Station (Bengaluru), Public Gardens Bus Station and more than 40 others.

– Starbucks, KFC, McDonald’s locations: Connect to free WiFi at Starbucks, KFC, and McDonald’s outlets.

– Malls & other public areas:  Access WiFi easily while waiting for your friends or sipping coffee at malls such as Infiniti in Mumbai, Orion in Bangalore, Pacific in New Delhi and many more.

– Restaurants & coffee shops: From high-end restaurants to small coffee shops, you can now use free WiFi with one single tap.

FindWiFi allows you to simply discover the best public WiFi hotspots around you and WiFire connects you to them with a single tap. No need to enter passwords or fill out web forms. Now connecting to public WiFi is as easy as it can get!

Your Wait Ends Here! WiFire Now on iOS


Over the past few months, the WiFire office has been bustling with energy as we spend many a days and nights (and occasionally a couple of weekends too) crafting a better and faster version of WiFire for iOS. And looking at the great response that our Android app has received, today we are proud to announce that the newest member of the WiFire family, WiFire for iOS, has finally hit the App Store.

All those struggles that you had to go through chasing down OTPs and filling out web forms to connect to public WiFi, end here. You can now discover and connect to secure, public WiFi networks around you in one tap (that’s right, you will be online in a flash!).

Already excited? Well, this is just the beginning. WiFire is the only app in India to be integrated with the latest iOS 9 Network Extension APIs that provide a seamless one touch experience while connecting to any public WiFi hotspot near you!

Already in a rush to head to the App Store? Hold on, there is more.

WiFire on iOS comes with all the exciting new features that we recently rolled out to Android. Here’s a sneak peek into some of them:

1) Easily & quickly connect to 3500+ reliable public hotspots


Connecting to WiFi networks has never been so easy. WiFire provides you a 1 step access to over 3500 free public WiFi hotspots across India and this number is rapidly growing. So be it work or leisure, WiFire is surely your WiFi savior.

2) Share your WiFi without sharing your password

WiFire- allows-you-to-share-your-WiFi-with-anyone-by-texting-him-/-her-the-link

Are you someone who thinks twice before sharing your WiFi password with another person? Have you been secretly wishing for a way that allows you to share your WiFi without spelling out your password loudly? Your wait ends here. With WiFire, you can now share your WiFi with anyone who drops by your home by texting her the link.

3) Check WiFi speed and rate your favourite networks


With WiFire you can now avoid all that googling and typing to get a WiFi speed test done. Not only that, you can even check out a nearby network’s rating to decide if you should try connecting to it in the first place.

4) Autofill web forms at free, public WiFi networks


While there are several WiFi hotspots in the city, entering page long web forms and OTPs really gets us irritated! Which is why we built in a little elf inside WiFire to do the boring work for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Head right away to the App Store, and download the WiFire app today! You are sure to be delighted when you see those web forms fill themselves up in a flash! Trust us, you will love it!

Introducing Secure WiFi Sharing, Network Syncing and more

Introducing Wifire 3.14

In our endeavour to make WiFi as reliable and ubiquitous as bottled water, we are excited to announce WiFire 3.14 (we have nicknamed it WiFire ‘π’). This new version is power packed with great new features, that will make your experience of using the app all the more fun!

So what are these features, and why should you care? Without much ado, let’s dive into what’s new:

1.Share WiFi privately: With this new version of WiFire you can share your WiFi with friends and family without sharing passwords! How many times has an old aunt visiting you asked for your WiFi password? Didn’t the very thought of wording out your password send a shudder down your spine? You know what I mean 😉

Well, we have you sorted now. With WiFire you can simply text a link to anyone you want to share your network with, and that’s it. Your WiFi network remains private and is shared 1-on-1 with only those friends and family who have received your link. It is not made available to the general public.

Share network securely

2.Sync ‘favorite’ networks: You can now favorite your most frequented networks, and connect to these networks even if your 3G data or location services is turned off. Use WiFire to save all your WiFi networks to your profile and have them available on any device you log into. No need to type WiFi passwords into each device you own!

Sync favorite networks

3.Check WiFi speed and rate your favorite networks: Now you can check the Internet connection speed at any WiFi hotspot, and rate that network. Not only will you know if there is a public WiFi hotspot nearby, but also how fast it is and what fellow users think of that network. Isn’t that awesome?

Check speed and rate networks

With this update, we make it possible to connect not only to over 3,500 public WiFire hotspots, but also to your friend’s WiFi with a single tap.

WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well.

WiFire is coming soon to Singapore! Now connect to free WiFi with a single tap


Imagine effortlessly connecting to reliable, free WiFi wherever you are, be it MRT stations or cafes or even your favourite mall. Wouldn’t that be so awesome? With the Wifire app, you can also save on phone data charges while you seamlessly connect to all public WiFi hotspots with just a single tap on the app.

WiFire has been hugely successful in transforming mobile WiFi experiences across India and we are now excited to extend our app to Singapore!

Here’s a quick look on how WiFire works

Some of the cool features of WiFire in Singapore are:

  • Seamlessly connect  to reliable public WiFi  

Connecting to WiFi on the move is now just a click away. WiFire has close to 1000 free public WiFi hotspots across Singapore and this number is rapidly growing. So, with WiFire you can now connect to all public WiFi hotspots like Wireless@SG, Starbucks and McDonald’s among many other locations. So, just get WiFire and stay connected wherever you are.


  • Auto-fill web forms and OTPs

WiFire provides the most seamless WiFi experience without the need to fill out lengthy web forms or enter OTPs. Just sign up on the WiFire app once and watch the magic unfold!


  • Discover and navigate to the closest WiFi location near you

Caught in the middle of the expressway with urgent emails to send out? WiFire not only helps you discover the nearest WiFi hotspot, it also helps you navigate to the place. Now, don’t you think that’s really cool?


  • Earn rewards and points by adding and sharing new networks on WiFire

The driving belief of WiFire is ‘for the community, by the community’. So, even you can add WiFi networks to WiFire and earn Wi-points.

Like we said earlier, we are super thrilled to extend WiFire’s footprint and we will be in Singapore real soon! Sign up here if you want to be among the first one’s to get the app. So, what you waiting for? Go get some WiFire 🙂

How to Connect to Free WiFi at Mumbai Train Stations


There’s good news for Mumbaikars looking to stay connected on their morning commute! The ambitious collaboration between Google and RailTel will soon be expanding its free WiFi from the inaugural location at Mumbai Central to several other key stations around the metro area.

Stations including CST, Bandra terminus, Thane, Vashi, Dadar, Kalyan, Kurla, Borivali, Churchgate and Panvel will be rolling out complimentary high-speed WiFi shortly, reports say. Users will be able to enjoy free WiFi for up to an hour, after which they will be charged to keep using the service.

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Introducing DataWall and the WiFire widget


Here at WiFire, we’re striving to enable seamless Internet connectivity for users wherever they go. We believe that, with the growing popularity of mobile phones and public WiFi hotspots, connecting to the Internet while on-the-go should be quick, easy and affordable.

We aim to make reliable public WiFi as accessible as possible, but we realize that our users still often access the Internet via 3G/4G in their day-to-day lives. Many people burn through their data packs without knowing it, allowing mobile apps that aren’t even in use to make requests to use the Internet.

The culprits are common—news aggregators, social networking apps, among others—and the solution is simple, but the issue is largely going unaddressed for most users.

Today we are excited to announce our new widget and in-app feature called DataWall, which both allow users to have more control over their mobile data usage and make their data pack last longer. The widget is available for all Android devices, and DataWall is available on Android version 5.0 and above.

Let’s dive into how these two features work within the new-and-improved WiFire design:

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WiFire adds support for Google’s free RailWire WiFi


This week, we’re excited to announce that WiFire now supports automatic login for RailWire WiFi networks at several railway stations across India. If you have the WiFire app installed on your phone, you can save time and energy connecting to these networks by letting WiFire automatically fill out the sign in form for you.

These free RailWire networks are made possible by an ambitious collaboration between Google and the RailTel Corporation that seeks to connect millions of Indians traveling by rail to free, high-speed WiFi for the first time. 

The project will eventually use the extensive RailWire broadband infrastructure to offer free networks at 400 railway stations across India. When it is completed, it will be one of the largest public WiFi projects in the world.

In January, Mumbai Central Station became the first station to offer RailWire WiFi to travelers, and over 100 stations are expected to offer the service by the end of 2016 (see below).


At each new station that is added, you will be able to easily connect through WiFire instead of going through the time-consuming login process.

Additionally, WiFire now supports automatic login at all WiLoop & i2E1 hotspots across the country, adding to the Tata Docomo and Ozone hotspots already in our database.

WiFire on Android is transforming public WiFi experiences and the app will shortly be available on iOS as well. Sign up as a beta tester and experience an exclusive preview of WiFire on iOS.