5 Things That Every Business Traveler Can Relate To

Feature Image_5 Things every business traveler can relate to

Business travel: one of the most glamorized yet misunderstood aspects of a young professional’s life. Those who don’t do it, want to, and those who do, just want to get a quality night’s sleep again.

If you travel a lot for work and think you’re alone in your struggles, check out these 5 things that we think every business traveler can relate to.

1. Inevitable flight problems & delays

We’ve all been there. You get to the gate an hour early only to find that your flight has been delayed for another six hours due to maintenance, weather or some other random reason. Business travelers have become pros at rolling with the punches and killing time in the airport (or perhaps they’re just good at finding and posting up at the nearest airport bars…).

Pro tip: Invest in a travel pillow so that you can catch some shut-eye while waiting for your delayed flight. Better yet, see if the airport has any flight lounges or other places for business travelers to lay down.

2. Staying active becomes that much harder

Exercising is a great way to blow off stress from a long workday, but often times hotel workout facilities are cramped and underwhelming. An early morning jog in a nearby park or a fun weekend excursion would theoretically be great, if you have time between preparing for meetings and calling family members back home.

Pro tip: If your office is close to your hotel and the weather permits, try walking to work! The fresh air will clear your head and kickstart your day with endorphins.

3. New cities don’t always mean new adventures

Like all travel, business travel can be exhilarating as you explore new places around the world. In reality, though, this often translates into taking refuge in the comfort of a familiar hotel lobby because the unfamiliar surroundings of a new city coupled with general travel exhaustion can get overwhelming.

Pro tip: If you’re in a new city for the weekend, use your meals as opportunities for mini-adventures. Rather than ordering room service at your hotel, try to find new cafes and restaurants in different neighborhoods around the city.

4. Fast, reliable WiFi is gold

When you’re on the road, reliable WiFi becomes a necessity. Checking important work email, navigating a new city and reviewing reservations on-the-go all require quality Internet access, and sometimes cellular data just doesn’t cut it.

Pro tip: Use WiFire on your next trip so you no longer have to ask your waiter or barista that dreaded question: “Uh… What’s the WiFi password?”

5. Expense tracking is deceptively tricky

Don’t worry: that steak dinner and $30 Uber can be “expensed” to the company! If you actually remember to save the receipts and file a reimbursement report, that is… Keeping track of every little thing you spend, from food to transportation to random travel expenses, can be difficult if you’re not disciplined, so lots of expenses tend to fall through the cracks.

Pro tip: Splitting bills can also be a struggle while dining out. Try apps like Splitwise to make this quick and easy, even for the most complicated of bills.

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